Box office collection

In the dynamic world of Indian cinema, box office collection play a pivotal role in gauging the success and impact of movies. From Bollywood blockbusters to regional gems, understanding box office trends provides valuable insights into audience preferences and industry dynamics.

Box office collection

Insights from Box Office India

Myfilmycollection is a leading platform that provides comprehensive reports and analysis on box office collections. It offers a deep dive into the financial performance of movies, highlighting factors that contribute to their success or failure. From opening weekend numbers to long-term trends, Get box office india detail here.

Movie  Budget Collection Verdict
Bade miyan chote miyan 350 crore 44 crore*
Maidaan 100 crore 24 crore*
Crew 65 crore 67 crore Hit
Godzilla x kong 1200 crore 80 crore Hit
Shaitaan 60 crore 142 crore Hit
Madgaon Express 18 crore 24 Crore Average
Veer Sawarkar 20 crore 19 crore Average


Box office collection are more than just numbers; they reflect the pulse of Indian cinema. By delving into box office trends and insights provided by platforms like MyFilmCollection, one gains a deeper appreciation of the film industry’s dynamics and the evolving tastes of moviegoers.

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